About Duke's Nuts

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Dug and Luke ("Duke"), a father-son team from New Berlin, spent years perfecting their unique ORIGINAL SMOKED PISTACHIOS recipe.  Using a homemade mix of seasonings combined with a little apple-cherry smoke and a lot of genuine care, they have successfully elevated the already nutritious, tasty pistachio to an unmatched level of savory flavor.  You’ll notice that the one holding the bag is the most popular person in the room! 

For those who prefer to avoid the shell, Duke has produced the same flavorful snack in the (un-) SHELLED SMOKED PISTACHIO version.  Same taste, less work, but be careful because it’s real easy to chow down a handful of valuable golden  goodness in practically no time at all!

In addition, Luke’s FRENCH TOAST ALMONDS are a big hit as a sweet-ish nut that’s also really good for your health.  Mildly sweetened with a light coating of home-tapped REAL WISCONSIN maple syrup, and enhanced with cinnamon and real WI butter, this breakfast menu favorite just took on a whole new form!  No Sugar Added.

Finally, don’t forget our newest addition to the lineup – PARTY HEARTY ALMONDS.  Zachary, another member of the father-son Nut Team, invented this brave robust mix of spices to bake onto the healthy almond. Going for a crowd-pleasing yet healthy combination (no sugar or salt added), he successfully re-engineered the almond snack.  Proven to be very popular at parties!

Any questions or suggestions?  Contact us at dukes.nuts@yahoo.com